Cilab's Print Shop (opens Feb 2013)

Come in!! Come in!!

 Welcome to my new print shop,

where you shall find all the links to purchase  my 'available to print' artwork,

that range from postcards to posters of various sizes and topics.

Please note that it does not represent my work in its entirety, just the printable part.

(Check the page 'Who and What to find here' for more medias that I involve myself with.)

The prints rates are determined by topic categories (Fan Art / Original art), format sizes (cards or posters for instance) and the work time spent (number of hours sketching, designing, refining, completing).


Original Art

Original Posters and cards available @:


  • Character design commissions details available @:


  • You can also adress me with details towards any specific order that you would like me to design and draw for you.
    Those orders or commissions, if displayed, shall all bear watermarks so as to ensure the uniqueness of your orders and will not be for sold to anyone else.
    As a consequence, the rates will have to be discussed case by case and could be more expensive than a same size similar print already available.

We will only have to discuss and detail your wishes.

Samples of Commissions done prior to 2013


The prints available here are all original art.
Unless specified otherwise, they are the product of my own work and copyrighted Cilab and Cedric Lab.