Who and What to find here


My name is Cedric Lab.
I'm from France but I live in British Columbia, Canada.

The description of what I aspire to do is Storytelling in a general sense of the term, regardless of genre or media  from Classical Animation to Sequential Storytelling (Storyboard, Comic book, ...), advertisement and Video Games industry.  

I graduated in Classical Animation in 2010 and so far, also had professionnal Design experiences in advertisement, film promotion and illustration.

However, this blog concerns my work in Visual Communication Sequential (storyboard-Comic book)/ Illustration / Animation for various industries of entertainment and advertisement as well as design related fan-art.
All fan art on this blog is copyright of its rightful owners.

Any inquiry is welcome at:



shortpocketmedia@gmail.com (pls adress it to 'Cedric')

Please check also my other blogs in relation to other medias:

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