Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic Book Cover Tribute - RAI (Commission)

Special Request for this cover Tribute to RAI (Valiant Comics Copyright), the Japanese Hero from 4001 A.D.

It is actually the design of the One called Tohru, who can materialize weapons at will, hence my trying to simplify the design of the gun, yet give it enough impact. 

Note: the name of the guy should be REI which means Spirit and is the actual spelling of the Kanji which always figure on the top right corner of the Rai titles.
RAI alludes to thunder as in Rayden (RAI-DEN), the god of thunder in the Mortal Kombat Series (Acclaim) or RaiKa, the protagonist from Yu Terashima and Kamui Fujiwara manga, literally the one who comes from Thunder (The kid has spiky hair).  

Thanks to: for texture

Jonathan Smith for fonts Hirosh @

and for helping me find the right kanji

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