Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dark Souls Full 2013 Tribute


Once again, I've been drawing fan art in between jobs. This piece was inspired by From Software RPG "Dark Souls" and its bizarre ambiance and designs.

The difficulty is also very high so that each progress fills the gamer's pride. Like here for example, that boss took me so long and the fight was so intense that one day this sketch popped out and you see here the ink rendering and some basic levels on photoshop.

Inks on Paper

 levels rough on Photoshop

-Note for gamers: That is my NG so I was just wearing the mailset with base Drakesword and Knight Shield-

Part 2 :

Here are one more Inkwork that I drew as FanArt for DarkSouls.

That first one was done right after that first meeting with the giant crow (visible in the Game trailer). I was trying to convey the strangeness of the moment ...

Inks on Paper

Dark Souls, the Capra demon and its designs and props are trademarks and copyrights of From Software (Technical development) and Namco (distribution). This is just fanArt.

Part 3:

Undead Asylum

And the 2 latest in which I put great work in mood rendering in the use of my lines.


 By the swamp bonfire 

With Snuggly the Smuggler by the Asylum

Same technique as usual,
Pencils and Inks on paper
with some editing on CS5.