Saturday, December 8, 2012

Red Dead Redemption (Non official) Tribute

Very impressed with Rockstar Games version of a Wild West in their Red Dead Redemption video game which I had the chance to enjoy  a few months ago, I felt like doing sumthin'. Although the Bounty Hunting was certainly my least favourite activity in the game it was certainly for me the easiest one to set up.

Now 2 things, I have been a western fan since I was little for one. And I have grown a fairly big admiration for the coherence and style of storytelling proper to Rockstar Games style as well as a fan of the first opus Red Dead Revolver.

A little tribute from my modest corner of the West. This version is all drawn and inked manually.
And I should have a color version very soon.

Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Revolver are trademarks and copyrights of Rockstar Games. This is just fan-art.   

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